Body positivity has become a bit of a trend in recent months. Although in some ways, this is a good thing as it brings about attention to the issue, bopo is FAR more than just a trend. I had a little rant about this for She Might Be this month, check it out below. . […]

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Girl Guides are ‘free to be me’

Girlguiding is teaming up with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project (an initiative to promote real women’s bodies) in the hope it will help girls develop body confidence in an age where young girls are dieting, considering cosmetic surgery and comparing their bodies to   celebrities. The ‘Free Being Me’ badge will also be available to Brownies aged seven to ten, who […]

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Unsung Lilly interview

I recently came across the lovely Unsung Lilly via Instagram. They’re a UK based band who have just launched their #JustBeCampaign. They’re hoping to raise enough cash so they can go over to America do a tour of ‘self acceptance’ including themed music workshops. Brilliant! I was delighted when they approached me about doing an […]

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Reflecting on 2013

I can’t believe that it’s nearly the 19th of December already! Where has the year gone?! Looking back, this year has been the most successful for me in terms of my campaign. I’ve achieved things this year that I’ve been dreaming about doing for QUITE a while. And I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. In […]

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