‘Plus size’ problems

‘Plus size’. It’s a term that really p*sses me off. It’s not inclusive. Why do we insist on labelling each other?¬†If we’re gonna do that, then, may I suggest we try a system of; ‘size sexy’, ‘size gorgeous’, ‘size lovely’, that¬†kinda thing. That way, everyone’s appreciated for what they are without being ridiculed about how […]

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The reduction of mass (and) pain

I developed very early. One day I was a girl, the next, a woman. It pretty much happened overnight. Without any warning. Without explanation. It just happened. My body had always been a bit of an anomaly to me¬†so to¬†add¬†more ‘meat’¬†into the equation was really just adding insult to injury. As the days went by […]

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The F Word

Feminism. Although the intentions and thought behind it all aim at the¬†same ideal,¬†it means different things to different people. We all have our different variations and interpretations¬†of it.¬†Some think it’s become a bit of a ‘dirty’ word, with the term being overused and exaggerated beyond extremes. But ultimately, we all want the same thing. Wikipedia […]

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Eradicating the little voice

I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I had just turned 19. I was told this was something I’d been dealing with for years prior to being diagnosed, but had no idea. I had gone through High School without even as much as a hint of a¬†clue. Possibly even Primary School. Being told this was […]

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A whole lot of fattist nonsense

One of my followers pointed out an article on the Daily Mail’s website to me today¬†tentatively entitled… Why are today’s young women so unashamed about being fat? Horrified by the rolls of flesh she’s witnessed on show this summer, LINDA KELSEY takes no prisoners In this article, Linda talks about being a ‘self-confessed fattist’ who […]

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