Body image quotes from ‘heroes’

Well all idolise and respect different kinds of people. Many of us hold celebrities on a very high pedestal. When someone famous says something of a positive nature its effects can be felt far and wide as they have a very far reach. Their simply speaking positively as opposed to negatively is such a marvel that […]

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A whole lot of fattist nonsense

One of my followers pointed out an article on the Daily Mail’s website to me today tentatively entitled… Why are today’s young women so unashamed about being fat? Horrified by the rolls of flesh she’s witnessed on show this summer, LINDA KELSEY takes no prisoners In this article, Linda talks about being a ‘self-confessed fattist’ who […]

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Cosmopolitan Body UK July 2014

Yesterday I was so thrilled to announce to all of my followers that I’m featured in Cosmopolitan Body UK’s July 2014 issue! I’m part of a feature which is on the front cover: I’m on page 48 and there’s a full page including an article. If it looks familiar, it was originally published in the […]

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Shine – The Goddess Project

So, the other day, the brains behind The Goddess Project and the following film reached out to me via email. I’m so glad they did. This short film called ‘Shine’ doesn’t really need any introduction or ‘review’, it just needs watching. Thanks so much Holli and Sara for letting me know about your wonderful project. […]

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Girl Guides are ‘free to be me’

Girlguiding is teaming up with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project (an initiative to promote real women’s bodies) in the hope it will help girls develop body confidence in an age where young girls are dieting, considering cosmetic surgery and comparing their bodies to   celebrities. The ‘Free Being Me’ badge will also be available to Brownies aged seven to ten, who […]

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