Welcome Georgina Horne to #TBCR!



When lovely Leyah approached me and asked me to join her badass body confidence army I said HELL YEAH!!!

It’s movements like TBCR that make me proud to be a blogger, and remind me why I started my blog. 6 years ago you didn’t really see plus size lingerie bloggers willing to bare all, tell people their size to help normalise the idea that we are more than a label, talk about fit and comfort and how easy it is to jump in a sports bra. I wanted to be that person as an antidote to the beautiful, flawless lingerie models that we see everywhere. I wanted to show what clothes looked like on a body like mine, talk about shapewear and chub rub and why I love to flatter my shape. And thus, my blog was born and I became immersed in a world where we weren’t all striving for magazine cover perfection, we were simply striving for happiness.


The lovely thing about this world is the diversity. Everyone is welcome exactly as they are, no need to change or conform or stop wearing stripes. So called ‘flaws’ are celebrated, our differences make us unique and wonderful. Want to lose weight? Cool. Don’t fancy it? Crack on. Want to grow your pit hair out and dye it orange? Be my guest! Want to be hairless like a baby dolphin? Yes mate! It’s a world I wish I’d grown up in, but I’m just pleased that it exists now, and maybe my experiences as a youngster can help make me more aware as an adult.

We need TBCR as the antidote to a society obsessed with a very narrow spectrum of beauty. We also need it to show how beauty isn’t the only thing we should strive for. Let’s be kind, accepting, observant, great huggers who love every race, religion, gender and orientation. Let’s be the change the world needs.








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