Favourite DD+ lingerie brands

(I have not been paid by anyone to write this post. I wanted to write this for those of you who also struggle to find good DD+ sized bras!)

I’ve always had pretty gigantic boobs. Up until I had my breast reduction when I was 19, I felt like I was cursed by them. They brought me so much pain. To the extent that I was utterly miserable and had more painkillers in my bag than a chemist’s stockroom.


Before my breast reduction. This image doesn’t really do their size justice. I was wearing a 30JJ sized bra here.

Several years later, they’re still undeniably big. But the difference is – they suit my body. I’m in proportion now and I’m pretty much pain free. I still get the occasional niggle in my back but this is from damage that my body is still recovering from pre-surgery. Which just shows how things would have went for me if I hadn’t had the surgery. *shudders*

One thing that all fellow big-boobed ladies will surely be able to relate to is the struggle of bra shopping. Many retailers still think that women who have big boobs only like beige, white and black lingerie with minimal detailing. That’s fine if that’s genuinely what you’re into, but what if you’re not? I bloody love lingerie. And I like to have choice. I don’t see why just because my boobs are big I should be limited to what kind of styles I can wear.

Fortunately though, there are brands who are listening! The choice for DD+ cup sizes is growing at a wonderful rate, and it’s about time! I’ve gone through a fair few brands in my time and there are some who have become (and remained!) firm favourites over the years.

At the moment, my three favourite brands are Panache LingerieCurvy Kate and Pour Moi? I wear one of these brands every single day! Panache and Curvy Kate have been favourites for several years. I only discovered Pour Moi? last Summer!

Panache Lingerie are pretty well known. They’ve been around since the early 1980’s and have been a long time champion for D+ bras. They’re one of my absolute favourites in terms of fit. I’ve never come across a piece of theirs and found that the size isn’t true to form. They give wonderful support (especially the sports bra!) and are incredibly comfortable. Sizing varies depending on the style of the bra but Panache starts at a D and goes up to a K cup. They also go from a UK size 8 knicker all the way up to a 20 which is pretty damn awesome! I recently wrote a review on some of their SS16 additions which you can read here. They’re also a very empowering, feminist brand. Their ‘Modelled by Role Models’ campaign is a thing of pure JOY. Their models are not objectified and they like to showcase the strength in the female form as a whole.

You can read my recent post on the 2016 ‘Modelled by Role Models’ campaign here.

These two are a couple of my all time Panache favourites:


Their coveted sports bra in black animal which you can buy here. I’m wearing a 32GG.


The full cup Clara in red/gold from the SS16 collection which you can buy here. I’m wearing a 32GG.


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I came across Curvy Kate a few years ago now but this was still not soon enough! The way these guys market themselves makes me so happy. Their Star in a Bra model search is bloody wonderful! (There’s still time to enter for this year! Go! Hurry!) This is a very body positive brand. Through their marketing and Star in a Bra competition they very proudly advocate body positivity for all female bodies. I had the pleasure of interviewing last year’s inspirational winner, the lovely Sophia Adams which you can read here.


The gorgeous Sophia wearing one of my personal favourite CK sets.

One of my favourite things in terms of the actual lingerie (it’s easy to get distracted by their awesome marketing) is the super cute styles. Every time Curvy Kate release a new range, you just know that you’re gonna be spoilt for choice and that it’s going to fit really well. I have always found that their sizing is also pretty true to form too. I can’t recall ever needing a smaller or bigger size than what I know I should be wearing. Just like Panache, CK don’t objectify their models and are overall pretty damn amazing. They start at a 28-40 D-K cup and 42-44 D-G cup. Their knickers start at a UK size 8 and go up to a size 24. YAS.

Wearing two of my all time Curvy Kate sets:




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Unfortunately, I didn’t know that Pour Moi? Lingerie existed until last Summer, when I shot the bra fitting guides with Simply Be! I don’t know too much about the brand either. But what I do know, I love. In fact, the pieces of theirs that I have have become some of my staple lingerie pieces. They have an absolute abundance of styles! I am not kidding! And they start at an A cup and go all the way through to a J which is absolutely outstanding! The marketing that I’ve seen of theirs so far is incredibly body positive and diverse, with models of different body types and ethnicities being cast to showcase their lingerie. 

Wearing my staple Pour Moi? bras in a 32GG:

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Look at the difference in my hips in these two photos! What a change wearing high waisted knickers can make. I used to love high waisted knickers for this very reason. I used to love knickers and garments in general that would make my hips look smaller. How sad that I used to use something that is part necessity and part a form of self-expression as a way of altering my body due to societal pressure. I'm in no way trying to state that you SHOULDN'T want to wear what you want, of course you should! That's the whole point. If you wanna wear high waisted knickers that pull you in, cool! If you don't, that's cool too! All I want you to take from this is the point that you do not have to change yourself for anyone else. Wear and be who YOU want! This photo is filter and edit free, just converted to black and white. #bodyposi #bodypos #bopo #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyimage #positivebodyimage #loveyourbody #bodyconfidence #bodylove #beautybeyondsize #beautyhasnolimit #allwomenarerealwomen #effyourbeautystandards #selfesteem #selfworth #pinup #pinups #pinupgirls #pinupgirl #vintagemakeup #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagelove #pinuplove

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What are your favourite, body positive lingerie brands? Let me know!



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