Panache Lingerie ‘Modelled by Role Models’ campaign

“If the world is changed by examples rather than opinions, then we want to show off who’s setting the bar. Strong, fearless women – women who carve their own path and drive the course of history. Role model women.

Panache women are role models. They’re influencers. They don’t compete. They empower. It’s these role models, these female one-offs, who show the world that the glass ceiling is permeable. And it’s time we gave these women their stage.”

Panache Lingerie

The internet. It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? In this day and age, there’s basically no getting away from it. It will impact on your life in at least some small way, every single day. It’s responsible for countless jobs, relationships and some owe their fame to it. Despite all this, no one even knows what it actually looks like. And to some extent, what it’s really capable of. We know only too well that the internet and social media can be used in completely polar opposite ways. It’s like it has both a heroic and villainous side. The way in which the online world is harnessed by some brands has immense power on consumers. Some choose to use it to instill and maintain security which procures an ever present demand and societal stereotype. I’m not gonna name names… Whereas others, choose to take a stand and use it in a way that eradicates all of that trickery and actually encourages us to look beyond what we look like, embracing any and every side of ourselves. Yes, honestly! It IS actually a thing!

Back in 2015 (it feels like so long ago now, doesn’t it?!) Panache Lingerie  launched their first ever digital campaign. And it was most certainly worth waiting for this! ‘Modeled by Role Models’ became a viral campaign last year on account of its incredibly inspiring and liberating message. 6 role models chosen by the Panache panel starred in a photo shoot which featured on the website, off and online press and all of Panache’s social media outlets.

The whole ethos behind MbRM is giving role model women the crown they deserve. Equipping womankind with the tools it needs to see that we are in engrossed in a society that has become so image focused, that we’ve got to scary a point where we even base who our role models are purely on how they look. The campaign promotes a supportive and encouraging woman-to-woman culture which is so often lost nowadays. It’s refreshing to see a woman’s brand, especially a lingerie brand, cultivating such an attitude and simultaneously redefining beauty to mean more than just physical looks whilst still embracing that unique gorgeousness, hun-nay. *cough, Victoria’s Secret, get your sh*t together, cough* 

The level of empowerment in this campaign is breathtaking. Last year, it featured the power and strength of Sports Therapist Amy Hughes, British T34 Paralympic wheelchair champion Hannah Cockcroft, Senior Nurse Rachel Elliott, British singer Mica Paris and blood and organ donation campaigner Martyna Kaczmarek. I mean, the breadth and scope of talent is practically edible, right?! The campaign’s main promo video starring world renowned model Marquita Pring has racked up over half a million views on YouTube. Talk about a powerhouse collaboration.

After the roaring success of spreading empowerment on a mass scale in 2015, of course Panache are going to bring back ‘Modelled by Role Models’ for 2016! *cheers*


So, who inspires you? Makes your world a better place? Makes you want to be the best version of you possible? This year, you can nominate them to be one of Panache’s Role Models! This can be literally anyone who inspires you. An ‘ordinary’ woman who does amazing things and is due a bit of recognition, a local heroine or even a celebrity whose work inspires you. Panache want to seek out women who deserve a pat on the back for all of the wonderful things they do. The 6 winners chosen via a combination of the Panache panel and the public, will receive a year’s supply of lingerie, a starring role in the Modelled by Role Models photo shoot in London, including two tickets to a West End show, and travel and accommodation for two people. I personally can’t think of a better way to be rewarded than being involved with this amazing brand.

Nominate online here until April 3rd.



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