Panache Lingerie SS16 Appreciation and Review

I fucking love lingerie. I always have done. I always will. I want it ALLLLLLL. Floral! Nude! Black! Lacy! Sexy! Neutral! Understated! White! Red! Full cup! Padded! Non-padded! Sheer! Gimme everything. But, as many ladies with DD+ sized bangers will know all too well, it’s not always that easy to come across a wide variety of choice. Neither is it easy to find a brand who really knows what bigger boobs need. I’m a bit of an annoying size too, I have a pretty small back size and a big cup size. JUST TO BE EVEN MORE AWKWARD. I spent so long – like countless other women – wearing the completely wrong sized bra. Making me one very uncomfortable lady. As well as damaging my breast tissue. Which made it even sweeter when I discovered Bravissimo, Pour Moi?, Curvy Kate, (probably many more that I haven’t even come across yet!) and my first love, Panache. It’s a wonderful combination, feeling body confident and happy enough within my own sexuality and femininity to showcase lingerie and my body publicly. And why the hell shouldn’t I? 

(No, I haven’t been paid to write this post. I just wanted to.)

Panache was one of the first brands I fell in love with after years of wearing nothing but ill-fitting bras that I absolutely hated. It was like a miracle to find something which really knew how to cradle my boobs properly. And the styles! Ugh. *Drool*. What makes it even better is the company’s love for making women feel happy in their own skin. Did you see last year’s ‘Modelled by Role Models’ campaign?!

It’s like a match made in heaven.

Their SS16 collection is now coming in thick and fast and ERMAGERD it’s pretty. I’ve managed to get my hands on some of it as well as a couple of staple pieces! *cheers* So, I thought I’d show you what the pieces I got look like on me and give you an idea of how they fit. I guess you could call it a review. I’m a UK size 32GG. All of the images in this post are straight out of the camera and edit/filter free.

First is the Floris balconnet bra from the SS16 collection. I absolutely adore the print on this. It’s so cute and I love the colour scheme. The detailing on the straps and the wee bow is awesome as well.


This is however probably my least favourite of these sets purely because of the balconnet style. I have a few balconnet bras from different brands, all of which give my boobs a shape that I find doesn’t really suit them and make me bulge at the top which isn’t really what you want. I wondered if it was a trait of the individual brand but as every balconnet I’ve tried has the same effect, I can only deduce that it’s simply the style of the bra. Perhaps I just need to get a bigger size in balconnet sets, I’m not sure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it though and it’s not something that would put me off recommending the style (or brand) to other people. Boobs come in so many differing shapes and sizes, different bra styles are bound to do different things for different people.



Aside from the style/bulging issue, this number is pretty spot on. Very supportive and comfortable, everything a bra should be! It also comes in a UK size D to K cup.

And the knickers are equally as awesome! I’m wearing a size 14 here.



Hi stretchies! *waves* Thanks for helping me grow into my body!

My second piece from the SS16 collection is the Clara full cup bra in Red/Gold.


I cannot coherently convey my love for this piece of lingerie. Every single colour scheme that it comes in is just LIFE. Full cup bras often leave me with very minimal or no cleavage which is of course usually what one wants from such a bra, but the cleavage this thing gives me is just… eye popping. And I bloody love it!


I mean just LOOK at the cleavage! Also, no, I haven’t shaved my underarms today. I don’t shave them every single day. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. I’ll do it if and when I please, thanking you. And yes, well fitting bras sometimes give us little folds of fat there. This is normally airbrushed out because companies want to capitalise on insecurity that they helped to create. Just saying. Anyway… I’d probably go so far as to say that this is probably one of my favourite bras ever. I don’t have the knickers for this set but you can check them out here. I sometimes find that very cleavage-y bras leave me feeling like I could burst out of them at any moment. I get no such feeling with this one. It’s an absolute gem and comes in UK sizes D to J cup.

Next up in my little haul is the Evie strapless bra in nude. This isn’t a SS16 piece so should be available to purchase all year round. Apologies for the incredibly out of focus picture, I didn’t realise that this was so bad until I started writing this. Meh.


I’m really impressed with this! The only other strapless I’d tried beforehand was the Wonderbra strapless which was absolutely amazing but only goes up to an F cup. I grew out of that one and wanted to get a new one from a more body positive brand, Panache being one of my first choices obviously! Without straps there’s only so much a bra can do in my opinion. Especially for larger bazongas. This one definitely does a good job of holding its own though (bad pun, sorry) and is very comfortable (one thing that the Wonderbra strapless definitely lacked in was comfort). It’s so soft and comes in a UK D – H cup. It also comes with straps so you can change it up to suit any outfit.

Lastly, is the coveted Panache sports bra. I’m so happy to finally have my hands on this! I’ve tried a few sports bras prior and none have even come close to making the cut. Fellow big boobed ladies will understand the struggles of trying to find a decent sports bra. It’s perilous at times. Due to my trials and tribulations of trying to find one, even I was skeptical of the high praise that Panache received for theirs, so I held off on getting one. MORE FOOL ME.


I really can now understand what all the fuss is about. This is without a doubt the comfiest, most glamorous, durable and sturdy sports bra I have ever come across. And this black animal print for SS16 is just mouth watering! (Yes, I have a leopard print fetish.) Honestly, I shit you not – jump up and down in this thing and there is virtually no jiggle and NO pain! This wonderful thing also comes in UK sizes B – J cup!


So, all in all, I’m very in love with these bad boys. In case you couldn’t tell. BRB, off to gawp at my boobs. xoxo


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