Valentine’s gifts from Simply Be

The awesome people at Simply Be sent me some adorable Valentine’s gifts! I feel so spoiled!


(Before I get into it, I have not been paid to write this post. The Simply Be babes are just that – babes, who sent me gifts that I wanted to write about and show you. End of.There are links to shop everything I mention in case you want to get your hands on it yourself.

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. I always have done. Like most other holidays and special occasions, it’s completely over commercialised to the point where all meaning behind it has become somewhat lost. In some cases, completely lost. Of course, it’s always been an occasion that was created merely for the purposes of commercial gain, but when the sentiment behind it encourages people to tell others that they love and/or appreciate them, I can kinda accept it. What I can’t get on board with however, is the tendency it has to lump romantic sentiments together and take the personalisation and thought away from gift giving. Gifts for womankind in particular usually consist of flowers or chocolates, or flowers or chocolates. Or if the boat’s getting pushed out, some racy lingerie. Don’t get me wrong – I like flowers and chocolates! And I love lingerie. In fact, I’d be pretty damn pleased if someone gifted me either or of these things. But when the instant reaction to “Valentine’s Day is coming up!” is “I’ll just get some flowers and chocolates”, it undermines the whole idea of the day, of showing someone how much you care and how much thought you put into giving them a gift that they will really treasure.

With that said though, I try to see the positives. Like I do with most things, really. A holiday that encourages the expression of love (even if this isn’t always actually the case), can’t be an overwhelmingly bad thing. And I don’t think that Valentine’s absolutely has to be an occasion that celebrates romantic love. I always like to give a gift or at least a Valentine’s card to my immediate family members. If the occasion can inspire someone to be spontaneously thoughtful away from February 14th too, then that’s a wonderful bonus. Love and affection shouldn’t be exclusively reserved for St Valentine.

So, on the whole, it can definitely be said that I’m pro Valentine’s Day. I just wish that the marketing surrounding it would get its shit together. But it’s a really lovely thing when appreciation and love are genuinely conveyed. Which is why I was so over the moon with my totally unexpected gift from Simply Be!

The first of these lovely presents is this gorgeous lingerie from Pour Moi? I absolutely love this lingerie brand. I discovered them for the first time while shooting the bra fitting guides for Simply Be last year and their fit is one of the best for me personally. This set comes in two colours with one having a more sheer detail in the cup.



I’m wearing a 32GG in both of these which usually from this brand fits me perfectly. I’m not sure if I need to go up a cup size or two in this particular style or if my boobs have grown which they do right before I get my period, as there is some spillage, pointage and bulge-age. I’ve never experienced this before with Pour Moi? so I’m in no doubt that I either need a bigger size or my bazooka’s have bazonga’d. Either way, this is not an issue related to the actual lingerie itself. I love these styles, particularly the nude. I love the contrast between the black and nude material and I really like the sheer material. I’m all about freeing that nipple, yo. Despite the Madonna-esque look, they’re uber comfy too.



The briefs with these sets are also lush. They’re high waisted so are very comfortable. The material is very breathable and cool. And although I’m not a fan of high waisted knickers that pull me in, I will definitely be wearing these day to day. The front has the same detailing as the bra and the back is plain, smooth material.




I had to play with the saturation on this photo as my camera hadn’t captured the colour of these accurately.


Overall I really like these sets. It’s a shame about the fit but it’s something I can pass on to you before you possibly go out and get yourself a set. Every other Pour Moi? style I’ve tried this far has fitted perfectly so they’re still one of my favourites. Also, the bow detailing on these is too cute!




Pour Moi? Signature black/nude Balcony Bra here

Pour Moi? Signature Hi Waist black/nude briefs here

Pour Moi? Signature slate/fuschia Balcony Bra here

Pour Moi? Signature Hi Waist slate/fuschia briefs here

The lovelies at Simply Be also gifted me this lovely baby-doll from Pretty Secrets. I didn’t take pictures whilst I was wearing this as it can barely contain my boobs and it wasn’t really doing the garment any justice. I really like this though, baby-dolls are underrated! I love the bow detailing and the intricate lace detail on the cups. But as it’s not bra-sized it’s not something that I’ll really be able to wear. I think it would perfect for anyone up to an F cup though!




Pretty Secrets Lola Black Lace Babydoll here

I love these wee candles from Yankee Candle. They’re literally like cuddles for your nose! Garden sweet pea is my favourite for sure. All of these scents are very delicate and relaxing. Loving them!




Yankee Candles here

This perfume is ERMAGERD get on ma skin. I had never smelt this before but it’s definitely something I would get again!



Lipsy London Glam Fragrance here

This Simply Be clutch bag is the cutest thing. It’s not a colour I would naturally go for but it’s really growing on me. I love the gem on the opening clasp. It’s so sturdy and I love how the chain strap is detachable so it can accommodate any mood.



Heart Box Clutch Bag here

The last thing in my little box of treasures were these Body Collection lipsticks. I had to fiddle with the saturation and colours in this photo as it really wasn’t reflecting the colours accurately. The darker toned lipstick is more true to form but the red one is more coral looking in this photo than it is in real life. It’s a lovely pillar box red. I’m not totally sure where these came from, I can’t find them on Simply Be’s website and I can’t seem to find the brand on a Google search. If anyone knows, give me a shout!


Thank you so much Simply Be, you’ve made my Valentine’s!

Bettie Page



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