“The Woman Behind The Words” Interview for Panache lingerie


The lovely people at Panache Lingerie interviewed me for their ‘Woman Behind The Words‘ blog series.

Here I am wearing some of their amazing stuff whilst shooting Simply Be‘s bra fitting guides last summer with George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

11823965_10200538521302536_674194105_n (1)

With the diamond that is Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s George

In it, I talk about my motivation for creating The Body Confidence Revolution, what it’s taught me and body image advice.  Here’s an excerpt:

What are your four words to live by?


Learn – life is a journey and on that journey we never stop learning. It’s so important to remember that we all learn at different rates and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. We can all learn so much from each other.


Optimism – going through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy challenged my thought process which, in accordance with depression, was worryingly negative. It taught me that optimism and having an open mind is one of the best ways to get the most out of life. I know that it’s easier said than done, it was for me too! But getting rid of all that negative energy and using it to focus on something more productive is so freeing.


Appreciation – I feel like, as a society, we’re constantly told to strive for more. Like what we have and what we have already accomplished is not good enough. Of course, it’s no bad thing to aim higher, I myself am a very ambitious person, but I’m also a very grateful person. We need to take a minute and realise that we are already so lucky to have all that we do and to have achieved all that we have this far. Even if that’s something as simple as leaving the house today.


Freedom – we need to teach the next generation to be true to they are, not what society wants them to be. Life would be so much more fulfilling if we were taught to embrace our own uniqueness instead of being herded like sheep, being taught to conform.

Read the full interview HERE.


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