The Body Confidence Revolution wants YOU!

My main aim behind creating The Body Confidence Revolution about three years ago now (wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun!) was to directly combat the bombardment of relentless, sensationalist, yawn inducing imagery chucked at us and provide a refreshing place of solace for anyone needing to remind themselves of how innately beautiful they are and escape the evil clutches of self doubt. #TBCR is designed to be a space which clearly demonstrates how deliciously diverse human bodies and gorgeousness are – soaking up the beauty in real life diversity and saying “b*tch, please ✋” to prehistoric, claustrophobic beauty standards.

In doing so, it directly challenges the mainstream media and fashion industries’ definition of “perfection” and helps to get minds thinking about exactly why their idea of beauty (which they have the power to project on such a mass scale) is so narrow which in turn, begins to arm them with the knowledge of how truly distorted these companies are. I hope that through The Body Confidence Revolution, people will begin to redefine what it means to be beautiful for themselves.

One of my favourite things about #TBCR is that it includes people from all walks of life, all displaying their own unique amazingness. I want to feature YOU and your awe inspiring loveliness on The Body Confidence Revolution!

There are four easy peezy lemon squeezy ways to get involved (the option of anonymity is there should you prefer it):

Tweet me at @IAMLEYAHSHANKS or @BConfidenceRev completing the following statement: “I want to be a part of #TBCR because…” with your photo (which you have permission to use), stating if you wish to include your name.

Email me at with your photo and if you wish to remain anonymous or not. Please put “TBCR Submission” as the subject of the email.

You can use the “submit” tab at the top of the page.


You can also use Instagram to get involved. Simply upload a snap and use #TBCR and tag me @IAMLEYAHSHANKS, explaining why you love your amazing body! (Alternatively, you can also tag a previously uploaded photo.) Pretty please remember to use the hashtag and tag me though, otherwise I might not see your photo!

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