“You Look Nice” LOOK Magazine

 In this week’s issue of LOOK Magazine (March 16 2015 issue), I discuss why I think complimenting others on their physical appearance can be a good thing.

I absolutely agree with Grace of the SelfEsteem Team 1 million billion per cent; we are SO much more than the way we look. We have talents, interests and personalities which stretch so much further than the wrapper they come in. I am not suggesting or trying to encourage that we focus solely on the way a person looks which, somewhat obviously, can be very damaging to self esteem; subliminally passing on the message that physical attributes are the most important thing about someone, which quite frankly is laughable. BUT I do think that through praise of different, real physical appearances, we can begin to truly embrace diversity and positively reinforce real life, un-retouched beauty! Compliments reinforce that our unique differences are awesome – your physicality does not define you but the way you look is as individual as your fingerprint and is something to celebrate! Compliment someone for being their own kind of beautiful and you’ll reinforce that beauty truly is limitless!


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