“Being Fit and Healthy Doesn’t Have to Come From the Gym”

Here’s an extract from my latest blog piece for the Huffington Post UK; “Being Fit and Healthy Doesn’t Have to Come From the Gym.

It feels like everywhere I look nowadays, there are “gym bunnies” posting Instagram snaps in their work out gear, flaunting their evidently active bodies. While it’s great that more and more of us are feeling confident enough to take up exercise, I worry that there is too much emphasis on spending copious amounts of money on lucrative memberships and getting embroiled in a “I’m fitter and therefore better than you, you need to work harder and get rid of that cellulite” kind of culture. There seems to be an apparent missing-of-the-point; many of us join gyms in a bid to change how our bodies look on the outside as opposed to how healthy they are on the inside. We seem to want to metaphorically walk around with an “I WORK OUT” sign stuck to our heads. Personally, I don’t think that’s what leading an active lifestyle is all about.

To read the full article, click here.

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