Collection ”Cover & Go” foundation product review

I bought Collection‘s ”Cover & Go” foundation and concealer duo (in Light). I don’t wear make-up very often and have been looking for something which will be pale enough for my skin tone without costing £30 a pop.


On first use, I have to say I was very unimpressed. After applying primer I put on the foundation with a brush and it was as though I had put moisturiser on. My face was very shiny and there was virtually no coverage. After packing on powder (which I am NOT keen on doing) to try and combat the shine, the situation wasn’t really resolved. It was very light on my skin and not at all ”cakey” but left that line in the crease of my eyelid (GRRR) and was still shiny despite all of the powder. The concealer in the cap is something that I won’t be touching again – it’s very thick and doesn’t sit well with the foundation at all.

The second time I used it was a different story! This time, I applied it with my fingers and the difference was miraculous! The shine was very minimal and all in all the coverage was better. After setting it with powder I actually really liked it. I don’t like foundation that ”masks” my face so the coverage of this was nice. It’s got a nice natural finish and is very breathable on the skin.

I’d give the foundation a 6 out of 10 due to the fact that;

– It’s so light and doesn’t suffocate the skin.

– When applied (with fingers as opposed to a brush) the coverage is natural and doesn’t completely change the skin or make it look like plastic.

– It lasts well; I’ve had it on for about 9 hours and haven’t touched it up once.

– It stretches pretty far; I didn’t need to use very much to cover my whole face.

– The shade I bought actually matched what was on the packaging. I’m sure fellow pale peeps will back me up when I say that it’s nigh on impossible to find foundations that don’t make you look like a clementine with legs.

– And for all intents and purposes – it’s worth every penny of the £4 I paid for it. Definitely a bargain!

Just be wary of the concealer – I wouldn’t recommend it! I’d be so harsh as to give it a 1 out of 10.


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