Godiva Boutique’s first bloggers party

Tonight, I was one of the lucky ladies to be invited to Godiva Boutique‘s first bloggers party. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the shop, it’s a haven of quirky-gorgeousness located on Edinburgh‘s Grassmarket. In their own words Godiva is; ”Unconventional, innovative and liberated.” They ”strive against the soul sucking monotony of fast food fashion to provide a truly unique alternative.” Stocking vintage fashion which is sourced from all over the world, Scottish designers including both fashion and jewellery and many more, it meets and exceeds all of the criteria to become my next home. It sits right next door to another one of my favourite shops, Lady JoJo’s Boutique so I cannot recommend a visit to this area of Edinburgh enough!

(I’m also extremely privileged to have modelled for both Godiva and Lady JoJo‘s in the past.) Here’s a few pictures from the Greater Grassmarket fashion event in March of this year;

Full outfit (aside from hair piece) from Godiva Boutique. Cape designed by Rowan Joy.

IMG_3827 IMG_4127-2 IMG_4132-2


My outfit for the event. Dress from River Island and necklace from Bonnie Bling.

Upon arrival to their blogger event this evening I was met with an atmosphere of radiance, style and zest. The shop is laid out so beautifully. There’s a lot to look at in terms of shopping but it’s presented so divinely that it’s not overwhelming. You can appreciate the detail of every garment for sale without feeling frazzled. Right at the door was a table full of utterly gorgeous cake from Lovecrumbs and on the other side was a table full of brownies also from Lovecrumbs. OHMYGOODNESS they were to die for! As well as cocktails (with the best straws EVER, just FYI), and smoothies from Hula Juice Bar. I don’t know what the concoction was exactly, but the glass that I had had ginger in it and it’s honestly the best smoothie I’ve ever had. AND at the register was a tray of delicious truffles from Mary’s Milk Bar. They were so good I can’t even tell you. We were spoilt (for choice) in the indulgence department.

These were the first things to catch my eye as I walked in the door. How pretty are the cakes? Some of the photos are a wee bit blurry, apologies, I was in hyperactivity mode! Cake, fashion, nice people and cocktails… I was definitely in my element.

10612213_4297811940525_903005504_o 10601978_4297809020452_585262551_o 10617750_4297806460388_1917350773_n 10581036_4297811540515_762916975_n10613870_4297803460313_783226097_n




One of said straws swiftly put itself into a cocktail. I’m not sure what the combination was, but it had Pimm’s in it anyway. I had never tried it before! Whatever it was paired with was absolutely delicious!

10617670_4297811620517_1513088930_n 10599780_4297811220507_1897432488_o

Someone has lovely handwriting! I’m not sure if the handbag is from a designer or Godiva itself, I stopped to take a picture cause it’s lovely but didn’t think to check.


I didn’t think the sizing of my lettering through when I started…

After I gorged on my cocktail and had a look around I discovered the DIY customisation station. SO. MUCH. FUN! There was heaps of materials including lace and all different kinds of prints, beads, appliques, sequins etc. to help yourself to and little bags to have fun with it with! This is the most ingenious idea for a blogger party! I found an absolutely gorgeous print which I just HAD to have on my bag! I got it from Topshop a while ago and I still adore it. I thought the bold floral print would really compliment the stripes. I glued it to the name badge holder and a panel on the inside. Now I adore it even more! There was also a demonstration on how to make a camera strap using a scarf.

10579806_4297941503764_194491427_o 10617227_4297940863748_2104730512_n10612162_4297805940375_918356919_o

After I spent a good while feeling like a kid in a candy shop… there was a demonstration from epic independent Scottish jewellery brand, and all round cool people, Runaway Fox. I have admired these guys’ work for a while so it was lovely to meet them in person. We actually had a long chat about how dumb mainstream media is and that we’d love to see it portray real life diversity. We share a lot of the same values and are hoping to bring our heads together for a project! Exciting. Anyway, they showed us how they go about life casting. A few of the bloggers invited had their fingers cast and put on a chain – they’ve got their own finger on a necklace! I think that’s pretty cool. I was jealous that I didn’t get mine done! Talk about a one-off-piece!



Luis and Poppy telling us about their awesome work.

They showed us a few castings they’ve done including this one…


And we also got to see some of their new collection which is in keeping with the ‘animal friendly taxidermy’ theme. They wanted to create something different. When they say different, they mean it.


This fox nose ring was created by casting the nose of a stuffed fox. It was hand painted to look realistic.


These are replicas.


This was cast from a real crab arm. It was already dead and wasn’t killed to make the necklace. It was hand painted to add the amazingly real look.


This was cast from a real crow’s foot which was taken from road kill and hand painted to make it look real. A good use of an unnecessary death, I think.

After that was the prize giving! One of the lucky bloggers won a voucher for Godiva and the other prize was a parcel of And Mary (who create vintage inspired jewellery and leather accessories, based in Scotland) pieces. GUESS WHO WON IT? ME! I’m still so unbelievably happy and giddy! I never win things! And to make it even better, it’s animal related! (I’m the biggest animal lover you’ll ever meet.)


The prizes were;

This unbelievably amazing Fox Bangle. It’s hand painted porcelain. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

10602623_4298004345335_1113768767_n 10617340_4298003825322_1653908224_n

These INSANELY cute and awesome rabbit earrings! I couldn’t find them on the website but you can buy the white ones here. They’re also hand painted porcelain.


And last but not least this Sheep’s Head Necklace! This was so meant to be, my star sign is the ram.



I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR THEM ALL! Massive thanks to And Mary for providing these wonderful pieces for the give away!

As if all that wasn’t enough, everyone who attended got a goodie bag FULL of awesomeness.

10617707_4297795500114_1458824057_n 10617427_4297792460038_58862852_n 10596050_4297794980101_989818444_n

A lovely Godiva canvas bag, Karen Mabon Nail Decals and one of those bad boy brownies from Lovecrumbs.


I have wanted this Diamonteeth Necklace from Runaway Fox FOR AGES! It’s been missing from my life for FAR too long. Thank you so much you lovely human beings!

Along with these lovely cards.

10612198_4298072787046_1814771369_o 10612053_4298072187031_366181522_o

What an evening! Thanks so much to Godiva for hosting what was all in all, a magnificent event. I feel well and truly spoiled right now!









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