#BodyConfidenceHour(s) Friday August 1st and Saturday August 2nd

#BodyConfidenceHour is an hour designed to encourage positive thinking when it comes to our bodies and beauty ideals. During this time participants are asked questions and to share stories about their bodies which focus on the achievements their body has helped them acquire and the celebration of the wonderfully diverse range of bodies that we each have. It’s hoped that this chat session will help to point those with a low self esteem or warped body image – which is often partly obtained through the culture of body shaming which is so prevalent in today’s society – in the direction of body positivity and create a different thought process regarding their body and the way they look. Points on the agenda often include body positive news stories, anecdotes, sharing personal blog posts and stories, quotes, music, pictures/memes and selfies. We completely blank main stream media articles with a decidedly ‘body shameful’ tone and focus our energy on how amazing real life bodies are.

The next #BodyConfidenceHour(s) on Twitter as hosted by @IAMLEYAHSHANKS are happening on Friday August 1st at 2pm UK time, GMT. For the first time ever, the hour will be happening twice in one day and will be ‘repeated’ at 9pm UK time, GMT, for those who are unable to join in with the earlier session. In addition to this, the following agenda will also be re-run on Saturday August 2nd at 9pm UK time, GMT, for anyone who can’t make either of the sessions on Friday.

During these #BodyConfidenceHour(s) we’re going to be discussing what we’ve enjoyed about Summer so far this year.

– Have you been on any holidays this Summer? Who did you go with? What memories did you make? Share with us any photos in which you feel happy and confident while on holiday.

– What’s been your favourite thing to wear this Summer? How does it make you feel? Share a picture of you in your favourite Summer outfit(s).

– Have you started to overcome any of your personal body image issues this Summer? What prompted this?

– Have you received any compliments this Summer that have really stuck in your mind? What was said and how did it make you feel?

– Have you come across any images/memes which embody the theme of body positivity during Summer time? Share them.

– What does body confidence on the beach mean to you?

– What advice would you give to your younger self when it comes to feeling body confident on the beach?

– What would you tell a friend who felt self conscious in their swimwear?

– How would YOU finish the following statements? –

”This summer I’m going to embrace my body because… #BodyConfidenceHour”

”I’m not going to be afraid to put on my swimwear this summer because… #BodyConfidenceHour”

– Is there someone whose beach confidence/body confidence in general inspires you?

– Has your body helped you accomplish an achievement this Summer? Have you overcome an illness or had a baby, for example?

– What do you love most about your body?

– What do you love most about showing it off?

To join in simply Tweet using the #BodyConfidenceHour hashtag or directly to @IAMLEYAHSHANKS.

Agenda taken from bodyconfidencerevolution.tumblr.com


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