CRAVE presents Racy – Edinburgh Internation Fashion Festival’s closing event

I was one of the lucky people to be invited to Crave‘s ‘Racy’ event which closed this years’ Edinburgh International Fashion Festival last night.

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Photos from my Instagram.

The evening was held on the roof of Ocean Terminal in the top floor car park. It all looked slightly surreal, for those of you who don’t know, Ocean Terminal is a shopping centre which is right next to the water that the Royal Yacht Britannia sits on. Being so close to the sea it was VERY foggy! We couldn’t see anything around us, to the point that it felt like we were floating in mid air. On our own little cloud.

There were two bars both chock-a-block with booze! One was the place to be for G&T and the other had whisky and Appletiser. I really wasn’t sure about that combination as I’m not a fan of whisky – at all – but it was actually rather delicious!

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Three designers were showcasing their new collections which had been designed exclusively for CraveJacob Birge (winner of Project Runway), Saunt and Sinner and personal favourite of mine, Obscure Couture.

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The aim of the event was to show the guests how Crave go about creating images for their magazine. They wanted to demonstrate how many people are involved and how much work goes into the process. The models came out in small groups and took part in a make shift photo shoot in front of the roaring crowd to visually make Crave‘s point. The concept was a brilliant idea and went down a treat with the huddle of enthusiastic ravers.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a clear look at any of Saunt and Sinner’s pieces as it was difficult to see.


All of the collections. Closest to the camera is Obscure Couture, next to them is Saunt and Sinner and on the far side is Jacob Birge.


The somewhat lively crowd that the models were faced with! And this was only a small section!


Jacob Birge‘s collection was very sophisticated, minimal, elegant and classy. My favourite look is worn by the model in the middle.


(A little appearance from Obscure Couture‘s dress. There was a lot of material!)


During the make shift photo shoot.


Obscure Couture‘s collection was everything that I had been hoping for! Loud, in-your-face, sassy with plenty of attitude and character! It definitely meets the criteria for ‘obscure’! This dress is one of my favourite looks from the collection. The print is just amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it before.



The body suit/leotard with the gold bow around the middle is another of my personal favourite looks. I LOVE IT!

# 10566405_4243403700353_1418820331_n


One of the best things about the entire event, for me, was seeing a model who was not of ‘traditional model height’ being used. MASSIVE thumbs up for this, guys. Girls of all heights wear clothes (as daft as it sounds, but it’s not as obvious to some people in the fashion industry as it should be) so it was nice to see that reflected.



This is the only photo and look I managed to get at Saunt and Sinner‘s collection. This is the backstage area where the models waited to be called out.


Don’t I look happy…? You can’t really see but I’m wearing a dress from H&M, shoes and bag from New Look.

Thanks so much to the lovely people at Crave for inviting me and well done for coming up with such a fresh concept!

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