MAC Prep + Prime Skin: Review

The other day I posted on Instagram that I had received my free sample of MAC’s Prep + Prime which I had got through their Facebook page. I was pretty excited to try it out! I don’t own any MAC really, but every time I’ve had it used one me it’s been an A+++++++++.


And this was no exception! This is without a doubt the best primer I’ve used. It’s so soft and silky. It glides on. It soothes the skin and is an awesome base for your foundation. It made my face glow after putting on my base makeup and I just love it. There’s a slight glitter in it which I adore. It’s not too much – you don’t look like a disco ball. I didn’t have to use very much to cover my whole face so I think you would get a lot of wear out of it even if you wore it every day!

If I was to rate this out of 10 I’d give it a 9. It’s definitely a product I would go out and buy!

10524864_4203022890858_654396724_n 10552041_4203024290893_1433372847_n



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