There comes a time when you have simply had enough – #StopTheBeautyMadness

If you haven’t heard of #StopTheBeautyMadness you really need to have it in your life.

This literally ingenious campaign launched on Monday July 7th and is the brainchild of Robin Rice.

The first thing you are met with when venturing onto the website is an in-your-face photograph of a lady whose face cannot be seen fully, has voluptuous lips, has ‘blemish’ free skin complete with angular jaw and has some pretty detailing on her neck. This image is making a point, I think. It embodies everything that the campaign is about. It contains many of the socially constructed ideas of what we deem to be beautiful. And all we can see is half of her face and neck. We don’t even know who she is. It also represents the idea that we objectify women and see them only as things of beauty. That they have no other purpose in life than to be beautiful. Then you read on.

”There comes a time when you have simply had enough

Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the “ideal” image. Most of all, enough of the feeling of NOT ENOUGH when it comes to your own beauty. There also comes a time when an entire culture of women have had it. When blogs and ad campaigns and AS-IS selfie pictures start to change the rules of the game.

That time is now. That culture is this culture.”

Wow. Pretty powerful, huh? These first few lines alone were enough to get my adrenaline going. After reading some more you come to this.

”Welcome to a new world – one we are creating right here and right now. In this new world, our beauty is defined by whole-self qualities, not eye-to-nose and bust-to-waist-to-hip ratios.  In this world, we KNOW we are more than our appearance, our size and our shape. In this world, we are throwing off our role as sales-hypnotized consumers and getting on with the task of changing the world.

Now more than ever this world needs us to stop shrinking behind ideas that are too small for us.”

What else can you say, really? The message and thought behind this campaign is overwhelmingly strong and it’s been worded so well that there’s really no room for arguments. Every time I read this, I envision an advert for an organisation like the Army – in which people put their lives on the line and are literally willing to die for what they believe in – and OH BOY do I want to sign up!

The message that I get from it as a whole is to eradicate the bullsh*t we see on a day to day basis and do what we shouldn’t have to be campaigning about in the first place – embrace all different kinds of bodies and PEOPLE. That we shouldn’t be encouraging our young girls and women to aspire to be nothing else other than pretty. That older people are just as valuable as the rest of us. That people with ‘disabilities’ are not invisible. That we shouldn’t be in relationships with people who put pressure on us to be a specific dress size ALL THE TIME. That people of all ethnicities are wonderful as they are and don’t have to conform to westernized ideals of beauty to get ahead in life.  That our thighs are not our worth.

The campaign website also has adverts which, like the website, are extremely thought provoking and empowering simultaneously. You can save these and share them around. Here’s my favourites. (There’s quite a few on the site.)









Check it out, right now, here:

Use the hashtag #StopTheBeautyMadness on your social media accounts to help spread the word about this magnificent campaign.


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