IGIGI Endless Summer Collection haul

The lovely people at IGIGI sent me two pieces from their utterly gorgeous Endless Summer Collection all the way from America!

The first piece is this Kiki Tunic in Zebra!






I absolutely love it.

Sizing starts at a 12 and goes up to a 30/32. (I’m not sure if it’s specifically US sizing, I’m a UK size 12, sometimes 14, my tunic’s a 12 and it fits me perfectly!)

The print and detailing is so exquisite, I feel very regal wearing it! It’s absolutely perfect for lounging by the pool or on the beach! It’s extremely lightweight and could be dressed up or down, I think.

The belt which is made from the same material could be worn either to the side or in the middle, I like it both ways on me. I now can’t wait for better weather here in Scotland so I can wear it!

The second piece is this Geneva Wrap Dress in Zebra! (Yes, I like zebra print!)





This is honestly one of my favourite dresses. It’s also one of the comfiest dresses I’ve ever worn in my life! It’s so classy, sassy and glamorous but SO COMFY! Which I’m sure you know is a rarity! I love the material. It’s really breathable and soft, perfect for hot Summers!

Again, sizing for this dress starts at a 12 and goes up to a 30/32. I think that’s the sizing for IGIGI.

I, of course, love the print and the strip of fuchsia along the bottom makes it even more eye catching.

It would look cracking on ladies of all different body shapes.

I can’t wait to style it up in my own way. I think there’s so many different ways you could wear this dress!

With labels like this, there’s so many things to love about IGIGI!







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