Amy Childs’ new dress collection

TOWIE’s Amy Childs has released her new high Summer dress collection for her own website,

(TOWIE is a programme called The Only Way Is Essex if you’re not that way inclined.)

She has modelled the collection herself and looks absolutely gorgeous.

”Every time I think about summer I think of Wimbledon fashion with its soft florals and whites, I think festivals with bold and fun mini dresses with wellies; there’s so many different occasions and themes for summer fashion – I love it.” – Amy Childs

On an unrelated topic, she recently told Heat magazine that she has removed her lip fillers and is considering taking out her breast implants.

”The implant has come away from my breast tissue in my left boob. I had an ultrasound and it showed that I had a build up of fluid. I’m facing having the implants taken out, the fluid drained, then having them put in again. I can’t bear the thought of having more surgery.” – Amy Childs

I remember seeing her in a magazine fairly recently urging young people not to have surgery to look like her.

Amy’s collection comes in a UK size 8 – 16.

Here’s a snippet –






Here’s a couple of my personal favourites –



Shop the full collection, here:


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