The first ever #BodyConfidenceWeekend

I’ve decided to try something new and launch what I’m calling a Body Confidence Weekend on Twitter. The inspiration behind this idea is my #BodyConfidenceHour which has been so well received since I started doing it about a year ago now. The thought is to essentially make the whole weekend one long #BodyConfidenceHour. BCH is all about body positivity and trying to encourage and inspire other people to love the skin they’re in. We talk about all different kinds of things, it’s totally inclusive, so anyone can (and do) join in. I regularly ask people to talk about what their faviroute body part is and why they love it, for example. I think it’s so important to have something like this which doesn’t put anyone down as there’s so much negativity on the web. I feel like social media is a very powerful tool. Instead of using it as a weapon, let’s use it to spread love and happiness.

So, #BodyConfidenceWeekend is happening from Friday the 18th until Sunday the 20th of April. It’s going to consist of three #BodyConfidenceHour’s (one on each day of the weekend) at 6pm UK time. Each have their own agenda.

Friday 18 April at 6pm agenda

Introduction to Body Confidence Weekend. BCH is all about positive body image and inspiring others (this includes BOTH genders!) so let’s talk about; 1. What our faviroute body part is and why we love it! 2. What’s the most amazing thing your body’s ever done? 3. Tag a friend in a Tweet and tell them what you love about their body! 4. Share a photo of yourself in which you feel body confident. 5. Share a news story, article, blog, video, image etc you’ve come across online which has inspired you. 6. Describe your body in one word.

Saturday 19 April at 6pm agenda

Body Gossip campaigns through Arts and Education to empower every body to be the best version of themselves and rock their own brand of gorgeous.

If you haven’t heard of Body Gossip before, check out their website:, Twitter: YouTube channel: and/or Facebook page: and Tweet about what strikes you from what you’ve seen.

For any existing Body Gossip warriors, talk about what you love most about what they do!

Sunday 20 April at 6pm agenda

Let’s talk about ways we can create positive body image in women AND men.

*Do you think there needs to be more positivity coming from retailers, advertisers, schools, etc? *Is there anyone out there who is already trying to do this? *Has something which has been in brought into force to try and achieve this helped you or someone you love? *Is there anything you do yourself to help and improve your own body image?

You can also view the agendas on The Body Confidence Revolution, here.

And, when BCH is not happening, the Body Confidence Weekend hashtag is there to get people talking POSITIVELY about their bodies. I want as many people as possible to see the conversation and either join in and encourage others to do so too or read through what everyone is saying and feel empowered.

Body Confidence Weekend Friday 18 – Sunday April 20.

#BodyConfidenceHour – Friday 18 at 6pm UK time. Saturday 19 at 6pm UK time. Sunday 20 at 6pm UK time.

#BodyConfidenceWeekend hashtag to be used throughout the weekend.

(BCH short for #BodyConfidenceHour)



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