#NoMakeUpSelfie trend hands £1million to Cancer Research UK

Over the last couple of days the #NoMakeUpSelfie trend has been storming Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a trend which is encouraging awareness of breast cancer. Female participants have been posting selfies without any makeup on after having being nominated and then nominate others to do the same. Some men have also been participating with ‘made up’ selfies.

The trend has been controversial with some saying that is a pointless vanity exercise. Regardless of what you think about it, it’s been behind a huge surge of donations to Cancer Research UK. One million pounds worth to be exact. The charity received 800,000 text message donations yesterday (March 19). They also saw a rise in people donating at their Cancer Research UK charity shops, and a huge peak in visits to their website. Pretty awesome since the trend is not something they started!

The trend seems to have started with author Laura Lippman who posted a picture of her make up free face in support of actress Kim Novak who was criticised for her appearance, but has since become associated with Cancer Research after people began adding the hashtag #breastcancerawareness to the selfies.

After noticing the trend, the charity sent out a tweet saying;

‘We’re loving your #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pics! The campaign isn’t ours but every £ helps #beatcancersooner.’

The trend has brought around the launch of a Facebook page called ‘No Make Up Selfie For Cancer Awareness’ which has 237,000 likes at the time of writing this post.

Celebrities such as actress Kym Marsh and singer VV Brown have been supporting the trend, posting their own #NoMakeUpSelfie.

kim-marsh untitled

Regardless of your thoughts on the trend, I’m sure we’re all agreed that £1million worth of donations to a Cancer charity is a pretty amazing thing. I personally have found it lovely that so many ladies have felt confident enough to take part. You are beautiful with or without makeup!


Text ‘BEAT’ to 70099 to donate £3 to Cancer Research UK.


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