Miracle underwear? We don’t need your ‘miracle’.

Whilst scrolling for things to write about I stumble across this ‘article’ on the Daily Mail website:

Miracle underwear? The shapewear that claims to make you look 10lb lighter in 10 seconds! 

It refers to Miraclesuits ‘miracle’ undies which promise to make us look 10lb lighter in 10 seconds. (Yeah, you need to look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds by the way.) And apparently, there’s not a single one of us who wouldn’t want to give it a try!


Ok. There are a couple of reasons to be annoyed here. Number one: The Daily Mail’s language.

I mean, what IS that exclamation mark at the end of that headline trying to do? Convince us that we do actually need to look 10lb lighter? And the fact that we need to look 10lb lighter is so unbelievably urgent and down right insulting that we need to purchase this ‘miracle’ as soon as humanly possible because 10 seconds would not be a moment too soon to correct this, ‘problem’? You see, to me, the word ‘miracle’ is associated with things like cures for cancer and babies being born. So, to call underwear a ‘miracle’… really?

”It takes hard work and dedication to achieve the body beautiful”

Oh, does it now, Daily Mail? *Family Fortunes style buzzer* ERR ERRRR. I don’t think so. This line should read as follows: ‘It takes hard work and dedication to achieve the body beautiful. Or so we would have you believe, because if we stopped feeding off of your insecurities largely created by the media (AKA, us), retailers and the advertising industry (to name but a few) we would be out of business and that means that we would no longer be earning millions. We would like to tell you just how beautiful and unique you really are, but, there’s no profit to be made in that.’

Reason number two: Miraclesuit’s promo video. (You can find it at the end of the Daily Mail article.)

‘Our model has shaping needs for her waist and tummy’


She looks absolutely beautiful just as she is, AS DO YOU.


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