Dita Von Teese’s Von Follies lingerie collection

Ok, can we just take a second to talk about how delicious Dita Von Teese‘s lingerie collection Von Follies is?

1385055_697344656964424_1733750262_n 1497088_692804660751757_634939558_n 1620780_716351478397075_1326711359_n image1xlkjhy1622185_713789051986651_1204661291_n 1661915_704906712874885_1142205522_n  1794793_711351118897111_366492720_n

It’s available to buy from ASOS, Bloomingdales, Myer, and Glamuse.

It’s all absolutely gorgeous and I would own it all if I could! It has Dita’s statement pin-up look throughout which I absolutely adore as I myself tend to favour a vintage, pin up look. Personally, I love all of the prints and colours she’s used too. Some of it you would expect from her but other sets are a bit of a surprise.

Unfortunately, the bras only go up to a DD cup which is not handy for girls like me who have bigger boobs. The collection does include some ‘plus size’ garments… ‘plus size’ Von Follies bras start at a 38” back and go up to a 44DD, lots of sizes to choose from, right? ‘Plus size’ knickers start at a size 16 and go up to a size 22.  (All of these are UK sizes and measurements.) The ‘normal size’ (for want of a better expression) knickers go up to a size 14 so I would be able to get those, but not the bras. There’s no fun in that!

So in terms of being wearable for every woman, it’s not. But I would like to think that that’s due to the manufacturers and not Dita herself. Perhaps in time she’ll collaborate with different brands and bring out a line which includes a wider variety of sizes.

HOWEVER. (Although I couldn’t wear it even if I tried to squuueeeze myself into the bras), my favourite set from Dita’s Von Follies collection is the Madam X set;

1780714_715715578460665_1571789132_nimage1xl image3xl

The detailing is exquisite! It’s got such a wonderful combination of femininity and dominatrix-ness. (I’m not sure if that’s a word…)

So, to sum up… I love the collection. She gets a very high score from me for that. But in terms of every woman being able to wear it, I’m afraid it’s a very low score. It’s not fair to bring out such a beautiful collection when most of us can’t wear it, Dita! Stop teasing.


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