A ‘fashionable’ step backwards for animal welfare

So… I’ve just come across this article. Click the link below.

McQueen’s latest collection is almost entirely FUR

‘Alexander McQueen’s AW14 was almost entirely made up of the controversial material.’

‘Designer Sarah Burton, who came to the attention of the wider public after designing the former Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, sent her models down the runway as fairy-tale heroines roaming a make-believe forest with their fur-embellished gowns trailing behind them.

According to her show notes, the inspiration was floral and nocturnal fauna, Beauty and the Beast, and wild romance. By swathing her models in super-sized hooded fur coats, Burton made it clear that fur is back on the fashion agenda for AW14.’


I am so angry right now.

As you may or may not know, among many things, I advocate and campaign for animal rights. As an animal lover and a compassionate HUMAN BEING, I am absolutely sickened that a whole collection has been designed and produced with real fur. I mean, what year is it? Given the following…

‘PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was born and in 1994 five supermodels posed nude to protest against wearing fur, along with the slogan ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur.’ This campaign has run and run and was most recently fronted by Khloe Kardashian.’

 …I am so surprised and shocked that this has happened. WHERE are people’s consciences? Do people seriously not realise that animals are physical living things that have feelings and emotions just like we do and can feel pain? Believe it or not, but, animals have to actually DIE so that you can wrap yourself up in their fur. It’s not like a teddy bear. And they aren’t killed ‘humanely’ either.
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have responded to Sarah Burton’s decision with the following statements:

‘Fashion designers should be forward-thinking innovators. In contrast, parading animal pelts down the catwalk is simply archaic’

‘Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Simone Rocha, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Diesel are just some of the designers that shun fur and instead work with luxurious, exciting, sophisticated, cruelty-free fabrics, from metals to spun acrylic and satin, and we hope to see Burton embrace new cutting-edge fabrics that don’t bleed.’

‘In this day and age, there’s absolutely no reason for animals to be killed for fashion.’
Well said. Although in 2014 we really shouldn’t still have to saying this out loud.
Sarah Burton and anyone else who wears fur – you should be ashamed of yourselves!

‘The mind boggles. Do these designers just turn a blind eye to the fur industry? Do they just think it happens to fall off the animals in a glorious, gift-giving way like apples dropping from their branches?

– Simon Glazin, Fashion Blogger

I will never understand how murder can be called ‘fashion’.


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