The list is endless.

Yesterday I got to thinking…

”I’ve got a lot of ambition running through me when it comes to my Body Confidence Campaign. But what am I aiming towards? What is all of my work gearing towards?”

Well, this thought made me realise that the list is truly endless. I decided to try and write down all of the things I would like to do. Just when I thought I had finished, I thought of others to add in!

  • I would love to write columns and/or articles for newspapers and magazines promoting positive body image instead of body shaming.
  •  I’d love it if someone sponsored my blog ( so that it could have its own domain as opposed to
  • Owning and running my own magazine which uses no Photoshop, has models of all ages, heights, sizes, shapes, ethnicities, with scars, amputations and everything else that makes us human – things that we don’t see enough of at the moment.
  • Make Youtube films with a wide range of topics centred on the body image debate.
  • Do features on TV shows. I.E the fashion slots on This Morning and Loraine.
  • Team up with BodyGossip and go into schools to teach body confidence.
  • Design my own clothing range for women of all ages, sizes and shapes.

I’m sure that there will be more added to this list as time goes on! 


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